PhD activities document

Once enrolled in the Programme, there is a PhD activities document personalised for each student for the purpose of individualised registration. On this document you can find all the activities of interest for the development of the student according to the responsible unity of PhD studies of the university, being evaluated annually by the PhD Programme Academic Committee.

This document must follow the established format, be submitted in the computer application and there must be a documentary evidence accrediting the performance of this activities.

Students will have access to the PhD Activities Document to note and update the activities performed in the Programme context.

The PhD Activities Document can be accessed, for the corresponding duties, the student, the Mentor, the Director, the PhD Programme Academic Committee, the responsible unit of the PhD studies of the University and the administrative staff in charge.

The PhD student monitoring will be carried out directly by the Director and Mentor of the Thesis, through the three-month reviwe of the PhD Activities Document and of the face-to-face meetings with the student. Similarly, the PAD will constitute a necessary elemnt in the different yearly procedures for the evaluation of the PhD student through their PhD.


Research Plan

Before six months after the enrolment, the student must design a Research Plan including the methodology to be used and the objectives to be achieved, as well as the resources and temporal planning to achieve them. This Plan must be submitted and evaluated with a report from the Director and from the Mentor, and must be approved by the PPAC. This plan can be improved and detailed in the annual evaluation process, with the support of the Mentor and the Director.

Annually, the PhD Programme Academic Committee will evaluate the Research Plan and the Activities Document and will prepare the performance of the evaluation reports made by the Mentor and the Director. A positive evaluation will be an essential requirement to continue in the Programme. If the evaluation is negative it must be duly reasoned, and the student must be evaluated again within 6 months, for what he/she will prepare a new Research Plan. If there is a new negative evaluation, the student will be definitely out of the Programme.


Commitment to monitoring

The monitoring, mentoring and tracking of the PhD students will appear in the Commitment to monitoring. This commitment will be signed by a specific representative appointed by the university, the Mentor and the student in a maximum period of a month from the enrolment date, including the Director signature when he/she is appointed.

This Commitment to monitoring will be added to the PhD Activities Document when signed by all those included in the Commitment, including the academic relationship between them, the student and the University, their rights and duties, including the possible intellectual and industrial property rights emanating from the research, as well as the acceptance of the conflict resolution procedures and the duration of it. The duties of the Mentor and the Director are also included in this document. The conditions for the thesis publication will also appear in the Commitment to monitoring.